I know you’re saying “Whoah, wait a sec. I’m not you know, old!”

Hey, nothing wrong with being a couple years older, right? That’s todays Baby Boomer. Just admit it and move on. 50 …sure, 60 …what the heck, 75 …way to go! 90, …hey I’ll get to you soon as I can LOL.

If you need help, we’re here.

Browse our articles. Check out some recommended products and services. Recognize that we’re simply moving into the NEXT CHAPTER of our lives. Nurture your pioneer spirit as a role model. Lead the way Boomers!

Look, Boomers are a HUGE audience and have HUGE buying power today. And generally we’re healthy and active and pretty tech savvy as well. Either retired already or in the near future. OR, maybe we don’t know what the word retirement means! All good.

Quick Facts:
• Boomers will inherit $15 trillion in next 20 years.
• We have the most disposable income ($70 million).
• Boomers and millennials blame each other for problems
• Highest education rates, we can mentor later generations
• More available time/money for charities, non-profits
• Been accused of hogging resources, taking down U.S.

We Are:
An active generation , looking for senior security, possible preppers/offgriders, active adults, empty nester/s.
We are asking: what is a millennial, life after fifty, what’s retirement, 55 plus, downsizing, minimizing/